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Why marketing is so important for your business

You can have the best product or service in the world but if you don’t know how to communicate that effectively  then you will struggle to engage your target audience and achieve strong sales.

Your brand is so much more than a logo, it communicates the heart and soul of your business.

Effective marketing, business development and branding strategies will:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Attract new clients
  • Increase engagement
  • Create a clear brand messages
  • Communicate your unique selling points
  • Increase effectiveness of social media
  • Opportunitise your existing client base
  • Build profitable referral systems

Guess What! You don't have to do it alone

DO YOU....

  • Feel like there are not enough hours in the day?
  • That you don't have time for big picture ideas?
  • Have a “to-do” list keep you up at night?

Yep, I hear you.....It's a lot right! 

I know! Running and growing a business is stressful and a lot of hard work! As a business boss you will be familiar with the problem of never having enough hours in a day from wearing all the hats. Trying to run your business while focussing on growth is challenging, resulting in a never-ending list of things to do. 


No cookie cutter approach!

Want access to the knowledge and experience of your own Chief Brand Officer without the expensive and ongoing overheads of a permanent full-time staff member?

Emmersyn will give you organic and tailored strategies relevant to your brand that suit where you are at right now!

No cookie cutter approach, standard templates or 5 year business plans here! Just great strategy that is easy to implement, getting you from A to Z!

How we can help!

Emmersyn offers marketing, branding and business development strategy that increases brand awareness by  developing and implementing unique marketing strategies tailored to your business.

Emmersyn works with you to identify your needs and will tailor the services provided to ensure we meet your business requirements whilst working side by side to focus on the bigger picture - developing and expanding your business.

We are a silent partner that is passionate about your goals, invested in your growth and dedicated to achieving success.


Build Foundations

We create more time for you to focus on business growth by building strong business foundations by creating and implementing processes, procedures and automated tasks to streamline your operations and increase efficiency.


Brand Strategy

We create successful brand strategies that shine through all aspects of your business. Going beyond your product, competitors, and website, your tailored brand strategy will dive into elements like your brand's purpose, values, persona, and more, creating a strong way to connect with your customers.


Brand Positioning and Messaging

Marketing and social media are crucial to the success of any business. We will work with you to develop your messaging, strategy and shape your presence on social media. Content and wide distribution are key to ensuring you reach your target market and achieve strong engagement.


Sales Strategy

Our goal is simple!

Grow your businesses and create new opportunities. We do this shaping and sharing your unique story to attract and retain more customers, influence stakeholders and build brand awareness. We can build a sales strategy to maximise your brand growth.

How we get started


Meet & Chat

Interested in some help, then let's have a 30-minute complimentary zoom or face to face catchup. 

We'll chat about your business from inception, how it has evolved, how you want to grow it, what roles you play, aspects that are working well and areas that you could use some support.

Let's see if there is services that Emmersyn offers which could help grow your brand.


Strategy Session

Once we decide we want to work together, it is time to book in a for a strategy session. For 1.5 hours hours, we dive deeper into all aspects of your business to identify what areas we can formwork on, such as:

  • brand strategy
  • messaging
  • marketing strategy
  • internal operations
  • growth strategies

This session is very organic process which allows us to explore your journey. There will be a free flow of strategic ideas and together we will formulate am action list of key areas to address.


Work Together

The third stage is where Emmersyn can works with you as a strategy partner to implement the key objectives identified in your strategy session.

We touch base fortnightly to review how we are tracking, what support you need and explore new initiatives to implement.

You will benefit from ongoing guidance, objective perspectives and fresh strategic and marketing ideas to continually grow your business.  

Are you ready to grow your business?

If it's time and you are ready to take action, I'd love to have a chat about helping you take your brand to the next level.

Book in for a free 20 minute discovery chat or drop me a line through the form if you have question.

I can't wait to hear from you!