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Brand & Marketing Strategy

Today’s most popular businesses didn’t just pop out of nowhere (although, sometimes it feels like it). But the truth is, these businesses used a long-term strategy to build themselves to get where they are today. It’s the bread and butter of how businesses connect with their customers.

What long-term strategy am I talking about? It’s called brand strategy and it's the game plan for your business.

With our guide, we’ll help you build and ignite your very own brand strategy in order to put your business at the front and centre of your customers’ hearts.

Why do you need Brand Strategy?

What is a Brand Strategist?….I'm glad you asked

Without a brand strategy, your business will lack the guidance it needs to connect with the right audience and grow. A brand strategy is a crucial part of the foundation for your business’s future.

As your brand strategy coach, I’ll help you understand the branding basics through to advanced strategic tools to help you review, analyse and pivot your business to achieve the results you want.

I’ll help you build your brand and teach you along the way to empower you manage your brand in the future.



Taking your business to new heights

My passion is working with businesses to increase their revenue by creating tailored strategies to increase brand awareness profitability.

Business strategy is not something that you can allocate a specific time to develop and simply command ideas on demand, and it is not always something that every business owner has a natural flair for.

For me, my best ideas come while driving the car, working out at the gym, reading the paper, showering and even while sleeping. Inspiration can and does strike at any time. As your brand partner, you will have access to all my genius, mulling over your business and creating the next steps to growth.

Brand and Marketing is my jam and I have the experience to back it up. I have a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in marketing and management, 10 years of sales and retail experience followed by over 15 years corporate experience in marketing and business development roles across a wide range of industries including a top tier law firm, professional services, oil and gas, mining, property and financial services.

As the founder of Emmersyn, I bring to your business, a sharp analytical and logical mind, strong attention to detail, a well-rounded skillset and a broad range of knowledge and experience. I promise, my ideas are abundant and infinite.

Want help to grow.....let's do this!

About Emmersyn

Fresh Perspectives | Brand & Marketing Strategy | Tailored Action Plans

Emmersyn works with you to identify your needs and tailors the services provided to ensure we meet your business requirements whilst working side by side to focus on the bigger picture - developing and expanding your business.

As an outsourced brand strategy partner, you have access to high level brand, marketing and business development skills without the ongoing expense of a permanent employee. This will allow you to decide month by month how much we work together ensuring the support you seek is always within your budget.

You will gain back precious time and space to refocus on how to grow and expand your business to live you best life.

Building BRAND love for

I’ll show you the big picture, then give you the steps to get there

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